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Introducing LeadLndr

No Monthly Retainers

We only get compensated for the meetings  we generate for you. That's how confident we are in our process.

Only Pay Per Appointment

We will launch your campaigns and ONLY charge you for the meetings we generate (given that they show up and fit your Ideal Client Profile).

Market Research

Get leads that can’t be found in ready-made lists. Data in the USA decays at a rate of 70.3% year over year. We search through every available public and private source and tools so you get the most accurate and up-to-date database of leads. The kind of data that takes, days, weeks and even months for your SDR to put together.

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Increase Lead Flow - Fast and Easy. 


Where do you get the leads from?

Based on our conversation we’ll determine who your ideal client profile is. With this info we’ll use various resources to build a list of other contacts who are similar to your ideal client profile based on technologies used, subniches, and trigger events. Lastly, we use an email tool to ensure emails are valid and reachable. We're not afraid to invest in data vendors for specific information.

How many appointments does it take to make a sale?

The latest studies suggest that around 10% to 16% of leads turn into deals. In order to know whether that is enough for your business or not, you need to be able to manage your data and calculate your leads the right way.

Will my emails make me look good?

The emails we send look like highly-personalized, handcrafted letters. Our aim is to make them as relevant to the end prospect as possible. We rarely get any spam complaints from our clients' prospects and we make sure to always paint your brand in a good light.

How much will it cost?

Apart from a one-time set up fee, we only charge you at the end of the month for all the meetings that we have generated you. The prospects must show up to the meeting and fit your ICP (Ideal Client Profile).

What other services do you provide apart from Outbound lead generation?

We're proficient with automation softwares like Zapier and HubSpot and have setup comprehensive systems that ensure sales productivity and efficiency. 

We're also comfortable with driving demand through inbound sources. 

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