Helping a e-commerce CRO and Shopify design agency scale by getting appointments with the fastest growing DTC brands. 

About Aztech

Aztech is a US based eCommerce consultancy specializing in digital strategy, design, web development, and growth optimization. They focus on building and optimizing online experiences for DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands, leveraging tools like Shopify Plus )and Webflow. Their services include branding, UX/UI design, email marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Client's Challenges

Aztech, before teaming up with LeadLndr, lacked experience in account based outbound marketing, concentrating on strategies that were safe and result-oriented, and faced issues such as limited outbound resources and uncertain ROI from outbound efforts. Aztech also struggled with being able to reach the right decision maker in their sales process. 


  • To thrive in the saturated eCommerce/DTC market, we focused on pinpointing unique niches and tailoring our communication to address specific industry pain points. This approach, coupled with showcasing our deep market understanding, helped us successfully secure appointments and stand out in a crowded field, proving that even in highly competitive markets, innovative strategies can lead to significant opportunities.

  • In the initial months, our primary goal was to diversify into new markets, focusing on a range of retail sectors including cosmetics, sports nutrition, vitamins, personal care, consumer goods, and electronics. Additionally, we expanded our outreach beyond the USA, incorporating European businesses into our pipeline to enhance our market reach and business opportunities. 



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