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The customer experience software platform not only outperforms larger competitors by specializing in a niche with unique challenges, but also boasts a user-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities. The combination of tailored solutions, intuitive design, and data-driven insights ensures enhanced efficiency and satisfaction, positioning the platform as the preferred choice within it's specialized market segment.

Client's Challenges

‍Before partnering with LeadLndr, Noise Media had never developed an outbound strategy. The company’s main focus was to start with minimal risks and tangible results.


  • Ensuring Email deliverability. Previously, the platform had attempted outbound lead generation but experienced suboptimal results due to a lack of understanding regarding the impact of email outreach on spam and the use of the company's primary domain. The company mistakenly attributed this issue to low volume and focused on increasing the number of emails and calls, rather than enhancing quality. To address this, we developed a comprehensive framework of standard operating procedures and provided the sales team with targeted education on best practices to avoid spam filters and ensure email deliverability. Due to this, platform was able to achieve superior outcomes with fewer outreach efforts.

  • Collecting Data and hand curating lead research. The company strategically positioned itself as a premier provider within a specific niche, distinguishing itself from larger competitors that catered to a broader market. By leveraging both private and public data sources, we identified and analyzed past and present customers of these larger competitors, focusing our efforts on those within the target niche. Consequently, targeted prospects felt understood and strongly connected with the company's tailored messaging.

  • Syncing SQL's with the SDR team. We implemented a system that synchronized all positive responses and potential leads with the platform's Sales Development Representative (SDR) team. The SDR team conducted "warm calls" to gauge interest and arrange appointments with these leads. As a result, scheduled appointments exhibit heightened buying intent, as the team was able to vet the prospect's pain points and their prior efforts.


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