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DISPL offers AI-powered audience analytics and smart digital signage solutions. Their services are tailored to various industries, including media owners, consumer electronics, food retail, telecommunications, hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafes, and malls. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing digital screens and audio content from a centralized content management system (CMS).

Client's Challenges

Before partnering with LeadLndr, DISPL faced the challenge of navigating a highly competitive market. With numerous players vying for attention, DISPL struggled to carve out a distinct position and engage effectively with their target audience. This crowded landscape made it difficult for them to stand out and develop a unique approach that could capture and retain customer interest, hindering their market penetration and growth prospects.


  • To ensure we spoke to the right point of contact and decision maker we expanded our search for job titles, adding more than 300 new titles to our lead lists. This approach ensured that we engaged with the most relevant contacts within our target groups. 

  • To draw the attention of the client’s prospects, it took us some effort to evaluate and define the approach that would best suit the client’s goals. Since the target audience’s inboxes turned out to be spammed and fill with multiple related requests, we had to apply classical and non-standard approaches to cold email templates.


Meetings Generated with Samsung, Microsoft, Tesco, Philips etc. 


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