Generating pipeline growth: 20+ appointments booked month over month for an Amazon DSP SaaS 

About AdBadger

Ad Badger is a Texas based premier marketing platform that optimizes Amazon Advertising campaigns for businesses. Utilizing advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, it enhances Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns to deliver improved results at lower costs. The user-friendly platform simplifies bid adjustments, keyword management, and maximizes ROI, making Ad Badger an essential partner in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Client's Challenges

‍Before partnering with LeadLndr, AdBadger had dabbled in outbound but hadn't seen sufficient results. They didn't know how to approach their TAM (total addressable market) via this channel as best as possible. AdBadger also wasn't aware of how to identify brands at scale that had an Amazon presence. 


  • Identifying numerous Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and pinpointing pertinent trigger events. Primarily, the ICPs comprised ecommerce businesses and Amazon agencies that allocate considerable funds on Amazon advertising.

  • Preparing data. To identify potential Amazon brands and agencies, we conducted an extensive internet search for top-tier databases. We also leveraged software like Leadfeeder to gather intent data, significantly aiding our efforts to generate inbound leads.

  • Extensive A/B testing. After mapping the most profitable industries as well as creating a list of no-target industries, LeadLndr started an extensive testing phase. Our goal was to find the template and sequence capable of driving at least 25 qualified calls each month. 


Pipeline Value


Appointments Generated

20+ (Monthly)

ARR Generated


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